Action Group welcomes new NICE guidelines on cochlear implant candidacy

Hundreds more children and adults eligible for cochlear implants on the NHS

Following the work of  Action Group members working with the British Cochlear Implant Group (BCIG) NICE has today (4th Jan 2019) issued new guidance on the candidacy criteria for cochlear implants;

This marks the culmination of a 3 year campaign by the sector to evidence and promote the need for these changes-see previous posts. The new guidelines are welcome and reflect the evidence submitted by the Action Group based on significant work undertaken by BCIG in creating a consensus document for the sector and previous research published in Cochlear Implants International

The Action Group will now be working to ensure that the guidelines are fully promoted and understood across the health system so that all who can benefit from this life changing technology are able to do so. It is also imperative that NHSE now ensures that Cochlear Implant Clinics are fully funded to ensure that those who are eligible can have an implant.

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