Action Group

The Adult Cochlear Implant Action Group aims is a coalition of voluntary organisations, patient groups, clinics, researchers, professionals and manufacturers who have come together with aim of improving access to Cochlear Implants and ensuring better support and understanding of the needs of those with Cochlear Implants. The group works by influencing policy and practice across the NHS and wider, promoting the case for clearer candidacy guidelines, early intervention and better support people with Cochlear Implants.

Working with our partners we have produced a number of briefing documents, research and advice on candidacy for Cochlear Implants, the economic case for expanding provision of Cochlear Implants and research on the effectiveness of Cochlear Implants. We also work with potential candidates to progress the case for greater access and with other implant user organisations.

The Adult Cochlear Implant Action Group includes Action on Hearing Loss, British Academy of Audiology, British Cochlear Implant Group, British Society for Audiology, Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group, Ear Foundation, Hearing Link, National Cochlear Implant Users’ Association, National Association of Deafened People and implant centres throughout the UK.  It thus brings together clinicians, health professionals, researchers, charities and cochlear implant users who share a common commitment to make cochlear implants available to all adults who stand to benefit from this technology.